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MVP: The Web Team Facilitator

Web teams for any organization’s own websites typically consist of a manager, visual designer, web developer, copy writer, photographer, and assistants. And missing from this list, is perhaps the most necessary role! Usually, one (or more) of the enumerated persons assumes its function: it is the product manager.

What product? yes, well, if you were building these sites for a client, you’d have one, right? Of course you would. But for internal websites, perhaps it is more intuitive to call this person the team facilitator. Same thing, really: that you are your own client does not remove the need for that position, although it may not need a full person staffing unit (FTE) allocation most weeks.

If your organization is enlightened enough to have a chief digital officer, perhaps that person could have the bandwidth to function as the web team facilitator. My experience however is that the CDO is far too busy holding girders together with brand identity, representation, management, engagement and interaction to act in that capacity.

What about the line manager? Usually s/he is multitasking already, devoting just a fractional slice to managing some or most of the web team personnel, and is too preoccupied holding other things together to have the flexibility and time to fill the gap.

From my experience, it is usually the designer or the developer who puts on the cat herder cape & shoes, who makes the launch happen. If this happens in your organization? honor and recognize it! You’re fortunate to have a soul with the empathy for the team, dedication to the mission, and passion for schedule to give delivery wings.