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Homegrown Austin API community

austinapiAustin Homegrown API’s, a new and thriving developer community, meets again on Wed May 22 at uShip (the corner of 3rd & Brazos). Hope you can join us!

Here are my (all errors and some additions are mine!) notes from our last meeting, where Keith Casey @CaseySoftware Developer Evangelist at Twillio.com presented.


REST. wait what?

Soap is to home mortgage as Rest is to borrowing lunch.
Pretty URL’s are (often thought of but) not related to REST.

Recommended Reading

  • Restful Web Services (2007) by Richardson & Ruby
  • Building Hypermedia API’s with HTML5 and Node (2011) by Mike Amundsen

Richardson Maturity Model (Martin Fowler’s concept) LEVELS:

  • 0: Plain Old XML
  • 1: Resources (nouns, core ORM objects usually; few)
  • 2: Verbs (the HTTP verbs for create/read/update/delete/etc operations)
  • 3: Hypermedia Controls (HATEOAS Hypermedia as the engine of application state = choose yr own adventure book)
  • 4: The Glory of Rest (wtf)

Link Relations – e.g. Prev Next Up Down etc

Payload MIME type isn’t specified. Suggestions:

  • JSON Collections
  • JSON Path


It’s JavaScript! get the styles out.

Some programmers of UI widgets believe that appearance properties belong in the JavaScript invocation of web page widgets. Why? I don’t know. I’ve always believed in separating styles from behaviors. (Well, yes, the JavaScript is the agent which is creating the visual components on the page, going beyond what HTML and browsers can do. But does that give it a right to encompass stylistic properties in JS?) If we want to use those UI components, we have to do things their way.

Or do we? I wrote a fiddle demonstrating how you may relocate your JSON (this example is taken from the Twitter embedded timeline widget) into your CSS.