And The Web Grows Round II

Microsoft’s era of browser dominance brought a much needed plateau on the ascent of the new era of electronic communications.  Companies figured out the web was here to stay. Upstarts faltered and those who failed to create value faded away, as the dot-com gold rush winners became ensconced.

Development of web standards at the World Wide Web Consortium was moving at a snail’s pace.  Frustrated with this stagnation, some web pros at Mozilla, Apple, & Opera formed together in 2004 as the (WHATWG) Web Hypertext Application Technology working group. In just three years, their proposals earned the acceptance of the W3C as the direction of the future.  And so what we know as the HTML5 movement started an exponential increase in momentum.

2007 also witnessed the advent of a personal mobile product which would rock the world: the iPhone. Apple built this new palmtop computer on a derivative of the venerable Macintosh operating system, and laid the Mobile Safari web browser at its base.


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