And The Web Grows Round

When I started weaving web at Fort Worth in 1994, only enlightened IT companies hired a “Webmaster.”  I was thrilled when companies decided their website needs were important, and added a System Administrator (SysAdmin) and Database Administrator (DBA) to pull those responsibilities out. The world wide web continued growing in scope & momentum; they added a Writer and Graphic Designer to the team, further specializing the Webmaster as merely a “Developer.” Ecommerce firms added project managers and/or business analysts to the team as executives realized the web could cut costs or raise revenues. One of those became a client relations specialist, as companies moved their internal information, data, and communications infrastructure to the web department.

When the Internet bubble popped, the browser wars ended, and the decade of Microsoft Internet Explorer dominance began.  Web was legit, things were stable, and there was a time of peace for progress & prosperity.

Then Apple invented the phone. This initiated the mobile browser wars, which would overthrow Microsoft dominance and revolutionize the way we use the web.


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