The New Favicon

Ten years ago, having a favicon for your website was a big deal. Windows 98 users were putting bookmarks on the desktop, and your site’s favicon logo could show up there. Getting on desktops was very important.

Fast forward to 2009… who has even closed enough windows to see the icons on your desktop this year? Having a favicon has diminished in importance considerably. Do you even take note if websites you browse to have one or not?  Seriously?

But there is one thing that matters in 2009, as much as the favicon did in the late 90’s.  That is: the text & image which appear in Facebook when someone tries to link to you.

Helping people who want to help you? no brainer.  Make it a high priority, even if you do little else to promote yourself.  Make this experience pleasant; support the fans who are trying to promote you.  Neglecting them will hurt your reputation and your SEO pagerank (yes, that’s right, your buzzwords will suffer! ;).

Most websites fail this miserably.

Show some fan love? make the Facebook link to thing flow.


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